“Since 2005, I have worked with Dave on several buildings for a growing software campus near Madison, WI. These projects included very unique structural engineering solutions, including major cantilevered steel truss systems, skyway moment frames with complex geometry, special AESS framing designed with large round HSS columns, etc. While working on these projects, David exercised great communication skills, worked diligently to find the best solutions, responded quickly, and demonstrated high professional expertise. I am looking forward to working with David on other projects in a future”. April 2, 2010

Victor Shneur, P.E., SEC, Chief Engineer, LeJeune Steel Company


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“Dave is the best engineer we work with. He understands the overall design of a project and helps throughout the entire process to make it better. He consistently looks out for potential problems or issues and then, more importantly, finds solutions to solve the problems. He is an invaluable team member.” April 5, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
David Engleson, AIA, Associate, Project Architect, Cuningham Group Architecture, P.A.


“I have been collaborating with Dave since 2006. He continuously demonstrates his vast structural expertise with every challenge given to him. He always has a creative and logical response to any design issue. Dave is a great team member and I look forward to working with him for many years to come.” April 9, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
Lani Priddy, AIA, Project Architect, Cuningham Group Architecture, P.A.


“David uses his expertise well and is not averse to thinking outside the box. He excels at challenges to find workable creative and economical design solutions/alternatives.” April 4, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative
Nigel Nightingale, Director of Construction, Lakes Entertainment, Inc.


“I have worked with Dave on many complex construction projects. His ability to come up with multiple structural options in a timely manner is essential to the “fast-track” process expected within our industry. Dave’s ability to foresee problems and solve issues in the field has proven to be very valuable to the design team as well as the owner & contractors.” April 3, 2010

Brian Marquette, AIA, Project Architect, Cuningham Group Architecture, P.A.


“I have worked with Dave since 2005 on at least 6 projects. I find that he has a real attitude of cooperation when it comes to designing a project, looking for best constructability answers and best value for the owner. I would highly recommend Dave be considered for the engineering work on your construction projects.” April 3, 2010

Daniel Swanson, VP Preconstruction, Estimating & Corporate Work Procurement, J.P. Cullen & Sons, Inc.


“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Dave on a very fast pace and demanding project. We worked together to construct a 280,000 SF resort on a steep rocky hillside. This made for unpredictable conditions as grading and excavation activities uncovered the unforgiving substrate. Subsequently, alternative details and procedures would need to be reviewed analyzed and communicated so as to keep the project moving and maintain the structural integrity of Dave’s massive counter-fort foundation system. As these new challenges presented themselves to the project, Dave was very responsive and engaged with providing sound solutions. This type of service was experienced through the whole project from redesigning concrete decks, to support new load demands, to providing quick feedback on hanger details for changes in MPE systems. Unlike many other experiences in my past, Dave brought an open mind to accepting alternative options and made calculated decisions timely – which undoubtedly contributed to the success of our project being built soundly, cost effectively and on time. I look forward to another opportunity to work with Dave and would happily recommend him whenever given the opportunity!” April 4, 2010

Howard N. Mills, Senior Project Manager, Rudolph and Sletten


“I worked with Dave during my time at Reigstad & Associates. I was a young engineer at the time and Dave really took me under his wing. Dave is a very patient and amiable individual. He has a complete understanding of structural design and design code issues. On numerous projects that we worked on, Dave proved to have a very creative mind that allowed him to develop innovative and simple solutions to complex engineering problems and conflicts. Dave was able to juggle many responsibilities – such as maintaining client relationships, handling personnel and office related issues, and performing technical engineering design. I look to Dave as both a mentor and a friend.” April 5, 2010

Brent Ballweg, Project Engineer, Reigstad & Associates, Inc.


“I’ve been working with David Senter on various projects since 2001. It is always a pleasure working with him. He responds to my questions promptly, and helped us achieve a state of the art performance-based structural fire engineering design.” March 19, 2010

Geza Szakats, Associate, Arup


“As the Structural Engineer on numerous projects with my company, David has been an extremely beneficial resource to have around. He's a creative problem solver who is always available to answer questions quickly and efficiently. He has a team-oriented, helpful mindset and has taken the time on a number of occasions to come up with solutions that address the issues of both structural integrity and constructability. I look forward to working the David on many projects in the future.” April 4, 2010

Nicholas Herr, Site Engineer, J.P. Cullen & Sons, Inc.


“Dave is one of the best structural engineers we have worked with. Very easy to work through questions with. Always responsive with suggestions and solutions, and really knows his designs inside and out. I would not hesitate to recommend or jump at the opportunity to work with him in the future.” April 5, 2010

Cory Huschka, Project Manager, J.P. Cullen & Sons, Inc.


“David is a very knowledgeable structural engineer that understands how structural design fits together with building finishes and architectural systems. David was the structural engineer for the Epic Systems project, where I was the site engineer for one of the buildings. I have had many instances where something such as a connection or structural support needed to be changed based on modified field conditions. He is willing to take a look at the issue at hand immediately and provide a timely response and solution. He always makes the fix as "field friendly" as possible to allow a quick fix and not hold up the job. I would recommend David as a structural engineer on any project.” April 5, 2010

Adam Mentink, Site Engineer / Estimator, J.P. Cullen & Sons, Inc.


“Much of my work with Dave has been small additions to our very large corporate campus project, for which Dave is responsible for. I have been very impressed with his commitment and attention to detail on these small efforts while he continues to deal with the larger project. He has been responsive to our challenges and on time with meeting our deadlines. And we do have fun in the process.” April 2, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity

Jerry Steffan, Associate Principal, Cuningham Group Architecture, P.A.


“Dave has been the Engineer on a number of our projects. They were all very complex structures and the schedule was very critical. His ability to work and solve problems as a team member was definitely a key to the project’s success. I look forward to working with Dave on future projects.” April 6, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Joel Sell, President, LTC, Inc.